Hairy Winston – Who Let the Dogs In?

Hairy Winston

If dogs are man’s best friend, then Hairy Winston must be dog’s best friend. This boutique pet store, voted Best Pet Store by the readers of Mount Pleasant Magazine, is more than pet friendly. One recent customer said, “This is absolutely the best pet store ever! Hairy Winston has healthy foods, treats, toys, leashes, harnesses,


I Own Simon – and You’re Next

Sophie, Mount Pleasant Pet's Feline Overlord for Content Management

Hello. My name is Sophie, and I’m sure you’re glad to meet me. I am, after all, a feline, and, since I own everything around me, and I’m very graceful and all that stuff that comes along with being a cat, you are certainly properly impressed. Oh, and you’ll be glad to know that unlike


Man’s Best Friend: The Unbreakable Bond of Humans and Their Dogs

Will, Rusty and Suzette Haynie.

I do not consider my dog a pet – my dog is family.” While the author remains unknown, this quote continues to gain momentum and popularity through social media threads, Pinterest pins and one-of a-kind Etsy creations. The truth of the matter is, families all across the country relate to this sentence. Household pets now


Pet Day On Lowcountry Live

Pet Day on Lowcountry Live group photo

“Yo Yo Cathy …” That’s how all my emails from Bill Macchio, publisher of Mount Pleasant Magazine, begin. This particular one, titled “Lowcountry Live Pet Segment” with WCIV ABC News 4, was no different. Literally minutes after he sent the email, my telephone rang, and Bill’s enthusiasm soared sky-high before I could utter hello. He


East Cooper Animal Hospital: Treating Pets As Family

Dr. Lindsey Barrr of East Cooper Animal Hospital

Drs. Marci Sauls and Jacquelyn Jones, along with hospital manager Kristin Levine, were sitting in a corner office of East Cooper Animal Hospital along with two furry buddies – Henry, a patient that day, and Kingston, “an employee” – when I spoke with them. “We have seen 4,780 patients year-to-date,” said Dr. Sauls, who purchased