Palmetto Moon Synthetic Turf: Easy on the Paws

Treat your best four-legged friend to a yard that is safer for them and provides a cleaner experience for you with Palmetto Moon Synthetic Turf.

When you think of synthetic turf for pet areas, you may think of dog parks, doggie daycares and veterinary clinics. Palmetto Moon has done all of those, but according to owner Marty Huggins, 80% of their installations are residential.

“We’ve done 15,000-square-foot residences before,” said Huggins, “so we’re not talking about puppy pads. We’re doing entire backyards.”

The synthetic turf you see at dog parks and other commercial locations is pet grass, which is short — just an inch long — and mainly used in areas where there will be a lot of dogs. But if you don’t want your home to look like a dog park, you needn’t worry. Any of the 40 different varieties of synthetic grass that Palmetto Moon carries can be made pet-friendly.

“There are two products we add to any of our turf to make it pet-friendly,” explained Huggins. Palmetto Moon uses a specialized infill called Envirofill, a man-made sand with Microban. Next, they treat the turf with a non-toxic, healthy bacteria spray that prevents odor.

So, whether you are looking for Bermuda, St. Augustine, Rye, Fescue or Zoysia, you can have lush, green, realistic looking grass that your dog can’t dig through and won’t discolor with Palmetto Moon Synthetic Turf.

Synthetic turf is not only pet-friendly, it’s eco-friendly as well. “We are eliminating the need for chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides so it’s healthier for both humans and dogs,” added Huggins.

With multiple manufacturers to choose from, each carrying a 15-year residential warranty, your lawn will stay green and pet-friendly for years to come with Palmetto Moon Synthetic Turf.

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By Christine Steele