Mt Pleasant Pet Stories

Happy pet owners

A Family Pet Can Improve Your Well-Being: No Greater Love

I can remember one of the first times I came home from work after I got my puppy. He ran to greet me at the door and was so happy. I thought, “Now this is why I got a dog.” According to Animal Smart, just the act of petting an
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Dog Rescue Organizations

More Than Just a Hound Dog: Rescue Organizations

Coonhounds are the unsung breed of the South. During peak times of the year, their days are spent procuring bird bodies, clutching feathered mallards in their jaws and pointing at quail. Th ey brave the elements and clock long hours in the woods, all to ensure that a successful day
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East Cooper Pet Rellief (thb)

East Cooper Pet Relief: A Nonprofit For Our Four-Legged Friends

I would be willing to bet that most of us have enjoyed the companionship and comfort of a four-legged, furry friend at some point in our lives. From the family dog growing up to the aging cat that settles into life right alongside all of our twists and turns of
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Zarathustra, Savannah cat, exotic feline

Meet Mount Pleasant’s Savannah Cat: An Exotic Pet

Zarathustra is an extraordinary feline, a Savannah cat as exotic as her name suggests. I met Glenn and “Zara” on a Sunday afternoon at Mount Pleasant’s Dog & Duck, where Zara was lounging in a patch of sunlight on the sidewalk, demurely ignoring the small crowd of brunchers hovering around
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