Veterinary Specialty Care is Open in Case of Emergency

Veterinary Specialty Care with locations in Mount Pleasant, SC and Summerville, SC

While COVID-19 has disrupted lives and businesses across the country since March, Veterinary Specialty Care, the only locally and privately owned 24-hour emergency and specialty veterinary hospital in the Lowcountry, has remained open to help pets, strays and injured wildlife. Services include emergency care, internal medicine and surgery. For families on vacation in the area


Canine Lymphoma: The Story of Willow

Willow at home. Photo by Jeanne Taylor Photography.

“I’m so sorry to have to tell you this, but it’s lymphoma.” It was May 17, 2018, when we received the phone call from Dr. B of Veterinary Specialty Care with news that would change the course of our lives. Our handsome, beloved Lab/bull terrier pup, Willow, was diagnosed with the worst possible cancer for


East Cooper Animal Hospital: Treating Pets As Family

Dr. Lindsey Barrr of East Cooper Animal Hospital

Drs. Marci Sauls and Jacquelyn Jones, along with hospital manager Kristin Levine, were sitting in a corner office of East Cooper Animal Hospital along with two furry buddies – Henry, a patient that day, and Kingston, “an employee” – when I spoke with them. “We have seen 4,780 patients year-to-date,” said Dr. Sauls, who purchased


No Bones About It: Dogs and Owners Give the Beach Two Paws Up

Whether you plan to take your pup on a stroll through the business district to accompany you for lunch or for a run in the sand, there are a few things to consider to ensure that your outing is more smooth than “ruff.” The town of Sullivan’s Island requires that all dogs, even those owned


Funding Your Pet’s Medical Bills: From Piggy Bank to Doggy Bank

Funding Your Pet's Medical Bills (featured image)

When it comes to your favorite furry friends, most would agree that the sky is the limit in regards to pet care and health. Whether it’s a brand-new pet or longtime companion, these animals quickly know how to leave an everlasting mark on our hearts. From quality food to nontoxic treats and toys, you think