Hounds in the Hospital: How Therapy Dogs are Making a Difference

An MUSC volunteer with a therapy dog. Photo provided by Jeanne Taylor Photography.

“I thought the driver saw me,” was what I kept telling the policeman. It was half past seven on a cool October morning. There was no trace of humidity in the air, so I pitched my car keys onto the kitchen counter and carried my bicycle down the porch steps. My commute is exactly 1.2


How Veterans Benefit From a Calming Relationship with Service Animals

John Beahm with his PTSD service dog, Sadie.

Post-traumatic stress disorder: we all know what it means, but do we understand the impact of PTSD on the daily lives of those who suffer from it? Probably not–how on earth could anyone comprehend the experience of a military veteran in a war-torn area without having a shared or even similar experience? According to the


How Service Dogs Have Aided My Recovery: Best Friend on Another Level

When it comes to thinking about dogs and family, for me, they are one and the same. As far back as my earliest memory, my family always had a canine companion within our home. My last BFF — best furry friend — was Madison, a German shorthaired pointer that we adopted in 2007, my junior