Crescent Care Veterinary Clinic: Going Above and Beyond for Four-Legged Family

Just as we look for the best care for ourselves and loved ones, we also want the best care for our four-legged loved ones, too. Luckily, here in Mount Pleasant, there is a veterinary clinic with professionals that are not only experienced but who also get top ratings for delivering the best care. Providing a family-friendly community atmosphere is ranked high on the list for this local, family-owned veterinary business.

Three years ago, Crescent Care Veterinary Clinic opened its doors with the goal of providing clients with a different veterinary experience — one where the medical care and treatment plans are tailored not just to the pet but to the owner as well.

“My goal is for every client to walk out of here feeling happy and satisfied, knowing that together, we did what was best for their pet,” said Dr. Jeffrey Leeman, owner of Crescent Care Veterinary Clinic.

Starting a clinic where he could form and develop relationships with a community of animal lovers was his dream. “Watching the relationships grow between pets and their owners is a beautiful thing and something that will never get old. It is certainly true that the pets need their owners, but it is just as true that the owners need their pets. It’s rewarding to be able to witness this bond,” he said.

Named 2021 Best Veterinarian in Mount Pleasant Magazine, Crescent Care Veterinary Clinic of the Lowcountry takes the stress out of vet appointments. This year, the clinic has added two associate veterinarians: Dr. Rebeca Lawrence and Dr. Cady Patchen. Together, the team of doctors and their well-trained staff are dedicated to providing excellence in the care of their clients’ pets.

Your first office visit is always free at Crescent Care Veterinary Clinic. “We feel it is important for our clients to have the opportunity to see if we are the right fit for their veterinary needs,” said Dr. Leeman.

For more information on Crescent Care Veterinary Clinic of the Lowcountry, visit, or call 843-277-9043.

By Theresa Stratford