Zelda Bryant Helps Find Your Pet’s Dream House

Zelda with her dogs, Ruby, an Australian shepherd and Smokey, a collie. Photo provided by Jeanne Taylor Photography.

Conversations with homebuyers always include specific preferences regarding bedroom and bathroom count and other desired features. Many buyers will include descriptions of their immediate family members and explain why those features are important for them. For example, one buyer recently told me: “JoJo and Sammy need their own bedroom on the first floor. JoJo’s older


Celebrating Mother’s and Father’s Day With Fur Babies

A cat standing on his person's shoulder.

Calling All Parents of Four-Legged Children In a year that saw most people spending a lot more time at home, it’s no surprise that our pets have further solidified their bond with us as bonafide members of the family. According to the American Pet Products Association’s (APPA) biennial National Pet Owners Survey, an estimated 67%


Man’s Best Friend: The Unbreakable Bond of Humans and Their Dogs

Will, Rusty and Suzette Haynie.

I do not consider my dog a pet – my dog is family.” While the author remains unknown, this quote continues to gain momentum and popularity through social media threads, Pinterest pins and one-of a-kind Etsy creations. The truth of the matter is, families all across the country relate to this sentence. Household pets now


Charlie Takes Buddy Bill to a Look-Alike Contest

Charlie Macchio, Publisher, goldendoodle

It all started when my Buddy Bill answered his phone. Whoever was calling started rambling about a pet-and-owner look-alike contest. They said something about Saltwater Cowboys, a restaurant on Shem Creek. When he got off the phone, he asked me what I was doing Saturday around 4 p.m. Right then and there, I knew something


A Loving Link: Between Baby Boomers And Their Pets

Canine Elderly Dachshund

Nine years ago, I was 53 years old with adult children living on their own, pursuing their chosen careers and making positive contributions to society. After more than two decades as a military spouse, I was ready to give up my human resources career and sow my seasoned oats. So what was the first thing